Word of ‘the day’

I’ve decided to post an occasional ‘Word of the Day’ in one of my conlangs, mostly breehah over on Instagram. If you want to follow them, just go and Follow @planet_koplushia on Instagram.

The posts will be more than just a word.  I’ll be including the definition, the layman’s pronounciation, some information where appropriate, and even the word written in glyphs when available. Here is the first post, so you can see what I’ll be doing.

The first ‘word of the day’ post is from the breehah language:

horjike’sebe (n), daily word or word of the day. (hor-JIH-keh-seh-beh)

Horjike’sebe is actually two words: horjike (word) and sebe (day).  In breehah the adjectives follow the noun they modify and are sometimes appended to them.

Here is the word used in an example sentence:

sebe soMUf hi’horjikesebe!

(seh-BEH soh-MUHF hih-hor-JIH-keh-seh-beh!)

Learn the daily word everyday!

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