(The Koplushian Apocalypse)

The Apocalypse refers to a period in Koplushia’s early history during which the planet Norm launched a massive attack against Koplushia in an attempt to destroy them. While the actual attack reached Koplushia in 1073 I.E., Norm was preparing for such a move long before.

The principle of the Space Folding Field Generator was discovered by Oskoe Neewahs in 1004 which was followed by the invention of the Pewkam reactor to properly power the SFFG two years later. When Koplushians began venturing forth in space using faster than light technology the Normians no doubt heard of it through the Vritians.

Norm decided to act and decided that if they could not possess this power, then they would destroy it to protect whatever small influence on the galaxy they might still grasp. It was decided to robiticize dozens of large asteroids in the Norm system and send them speeding over the light years to the Koplushian star system.  There they would home in on the planet of their long-time enemy, pelting it with damaging astral rocks and damaging Koplushia’s ecosystem.

The plan nearly succeeded.  Were it not for Zeblin Kamorsel, an astronomer who noted the artificial course correction of the asteroids, they might have gone unnoticed, thus causing great damage and perhaps wiping out the Koplushians beyond recovery.

Koplushia launched ships in an attempt to destroy the meteors, but many still got through.  The robotic meteors struck the surface of Koplushia sending clouds of dust into the atmosphere and cooling the planet for decades. Many koplushians did perish, but enough survived to rebuild.

During the rebuilding process, underground structures began to become the norm on Koplushia. To more speedily repopulate the planet, donated ova were fertilized artificially and raised en masse in rearing-facilities. This was done in stages so as not to overwhelm the aging adult population.

At this time a reform to the Koplushian language was brought about. Until this time there were several languages in use, Defyanth, Mornerthiset, and Dizheneth among them. A single, common language was synthesized from these, regularized in grammar and taught to everyone. This language engineering also gave unity to the upcoming generation of Koplushians.

Koplushia held on to the secret of the Space Folding Field Generator, remaining its main bargaining chip for power in the galaxy.

After the conflict, Norm was placed under the auspices of Vrit.  With Vrit as a sponsor, Norm was eventually allowed into the Koplushian Alliance.

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