This is the first installment of what I hope to be a series of ‘glimpses’ from the first contact between koplushiandand breehahs.  These are not meant to be ‘chapters’ in a larger work, nor full blown, necessarily complete stories.  Depending on how things go, I may be able to sew them together one day.  We can hope.  To see the other installment (once there are some,) look for the link in the tags for ‘hihemide’.


Hi’Hemide  (First Contact)

Greefr stood and watched as the giant bird machine roared down and landed far down in his grain field, leaving a long gash of ruined crop behind it.

“What have the gods sent us now?” He said.  Greefr turned to his daughter and said, “Baisah, go tell your mother I’ll be late for supper.  I’d best go see what that is.” She nodded obediently and started off. Greefr watched her trot towards the house, then turned and began walking to where the flying thing had come down.

As he approached the Gesoonah, the flying thing, he saw several odd looking creatures standing near it.  They stood on only two legs! Could they be gods?

One of the creatures approached Greefr slowly speaking words he did not understand.  Not gods then. Everyone knew that the gods could always be understood in their words.

This half-creature, for it had no hind legs nor rump, had two small eyes above a fleshy beak on its face. It was slightly taller than Greefr, but looked as if a slight push would topple it over.  How was it standing on just two legs?

In its talking, Greefer repeatedly heard a word that caught in his ear, but was it really kahboosah?  ‘Good wind’?  Was it saying the air was good?  But no, after some further repeats he heard the difference, it was often saying kahpoosah, which was a nonsense word.

But Greefr remembered how when he had traded with foreigners from the north how he and they had gained understanding enough to barter.  It always began with names. Greefr then slowly took a step forward and said his name. The creature paused, pointed to him and repeated, “gureefur,” then pointed to himself and said, “Engrem.”

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