Part 3

“Nunah! Gugah is coming and there’s something coming with him!”

“Come away from the window then, Baisah,” said Gesah, her mother.

Gesah made an excuse for looking through the window as she took an extra bowl and spoon from the shelf. What have the gods sent us? she asked.

Another look out the window revealed Greefr picking up various tools and objects and showing them to the two-legged stranger.  She knew what that meant.

“Baisah, bring the small cushion from the bed and come here.”  When she arrived, Gesah continued, “The stranger will be like the Tinker that we guested last season.  We need to teach him how to speak.”

“I understand Nunah.  I will talk slowly so that he can learn.  I wonder where he is from.”

“We may find out soon.”

The door opened and Greefr came in followed by the stranger.  “Gesah, I’ve brought someone to share our supper. He came from a flying-thing that landed in our field.”

Gesah turned, putting her hind quarters behind her.  She put turned her hands outward before her and gave the customary welcome, “Sah’he.”

Greefr put his arm on his wife and young daughter who stepped forward in turn.  “En-rem, this is Gesah my spouse and Baisah my daughter.” She greeted him as had her mother.

Engrem repeated their names and replied, mimicking their gestures, “Sah’he.”

“The supper is ready to eat.” said Gesah.

Greefr guided Engrem to the low table surrounded by cushions on the floor.  Each of them placed their rump on a cushion. After a hesitation Engrem did some odd folding of his legs and sat on the cushion.  It had no hind quarters and sat somewhat lower than the others. Its two-eyed face was barely above the table top. Then it changed position and stood on its knees.  How did it not fall over with no hind legs?

As the servings of soup, bread, and sweet roots were passed, their respective names were spoken for Engrem and he repeated them.  Gesah served tea and sweet biscuits for afters which Engrem looked to enjoy. It surprised them pleasantly when he voiced his appreciation with one appropriate word, “Uronar.”

After the meal Greefr and Baisah took Engrem outside and continued his education together.  They learned that Engrem was male at least. At the fall of night Greefer showed him the sanitary closet and the place he could sleep in the cart house.  Before Greefr left him for the night, Engrem was able to say, “I thank you Greefr.  Tomorrow I learn more.”

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