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Pandla notes: Parts and fractions

May 19, 2020

It has been some time since I posted anything here. Lately I’ve been thinking more than writing, but have been working on my conlangs. I just created several related words in Pandla and decided to post something about them here.

Originally, I wanted to make it possible to express fractions in the language, so first I created the word isi, which meants part or bit of something. So in Pandla to make a fraction from a number, they put isi before the number, thus:

Half: isi m’dum or part of two. This is a mathematically exact ‘half’.

Pandla also has an informal ‘half’, m’dumis, which is the ‘half’ you give a friend when sharing a candy bar or such. I actually put an informal and mathematical ‘half’ in several of my conlangs.

  • One third: isi watu
  • One Quarter, one fourth: isi ddemun
  • etc.

When we get to one tenth, we get a few more words:

  • One tenth: isi aba
  • Portion: abisi
  • Tithe: aba’is