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When I Got Sick

December 29, 2009

Something I don’t think I’ve yet mentioned is that I’m one of those sufferers of the intestinal ailment known commonly as Crohn’s Disease. I was diagnosed with it way back in the spring of 1994. For those of you who don’t know, Crohn’s sucks because it takes away a lot of the abuse you used to give your colon. Aside from being on constant oral medication, you have to be careful what you put down your gullet because certain foods affect ‘Cronies‘ different ways. Some can eat this and others can’t possible eat that. Sometimes you’ll eat something that you’ve had many times before and then, wham. You come down with a fever or stomach ache, or bowel problems.

I believe I have a milder case than many.  I’ve never had a surgery in relation to the Crohn’s and most of the time my health is on an even keel. Reading the newsgroups and email lists associated with the disease will give you the impression that everybody is just dying all over the place. I assure you this is merely because those who have the disease but aren’t really debilitated by it just don’t choose to moan out loud in public about it.

I have more problems with people who know I have it. They always are either asking me what I eat, or are offering friendly advice about some witch doctor who supposedly cures crohn’s with a shake of his magic rattle (plus following some strange diet which I could never go on anyway).

Our society is rather food oriented, whereas I like to eat at home and then go out and do stuff. Rarely am I so bad off as to be straying at home, though most of the time, my sickness comes on without warning over night.

One time I discovered that I could eat small portions of cantelope if it was freshly cut at home. After about the third day after it was cut up into bite size chunks, I ate a few pieces like I had the past two days. Evidently it was a few minutes too ‘old’ for me.  Within an hour I had a fever of 103 defrees and was confined to my bed. After about 6 hours I was feeling pretty human again.

This of course means that no matter how reliable I seem to be, in the end I could disappoint in a trice. Makes me feel real good about volunteering for stuf knowing that if I go off my bread and water diet, I might just get sick.  Hmm. Enough for now.