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Do you speak humanish?

April 14, 2018

breehah shirt cpEver since I created the Breehah alphabet I’ve wanted to make this shirt. In English it says ‘Do you speak Earthish?” which in the breehah language would be ‘Hais horpe kahpoohorgah?’  Buy yours now while they last!

No Frets Shirt

October 12, 2017


no_frets_tshirtOccasionally I put a new shirt design up on CafePress. In this case I was trying for something that was about violins, but didn’t necesarily say that the wearer plays the instrument. In my new job as a repairer of violins and cellos I obviously know how to bow and pluck the strings so that I can test the instrument, but as of now I cannot be said that I actually have the ability to play the instrument.

If you like this shirt design and would like one, they are available via CafePress here: [link]  There are styles available for men and women, plus mugs!

Woodworking shirts in Esperanto!

August 29, 2016

Sticker with my Ligneroj logo on it!

I’ve made a few message shirts in Esperanto about woodworking.  If you’d like to buy one, just click the picture of the design you like. The click will take you to CafePress.


logo wear

Many shirt styles to choose from!


Some shirt designs are available on a work apron for your workshop!

clamp shirt

mi faris

Shirt: You can say That in Esperanto

August 28, 2016

esprimoj 323 -say that

This shirt proves to all that you can definitely say ‘That’ in Esperanto.  Buy it on CafePress here! [link]

Dollar Coin Shortage?

December 21, 2011

Recently the mint was told to cease production of the gold colored dollar coins.  Due to the continued printing of the dollar bill, dollar coins have not been circulating. That is to say they have only been circulating in one direction. Dollar coin enthusiasts get rolls of  brass bucks from their preferred financial institution and spend them in their daily lives.  These coind however are not given out as change, but for the most part end up back at a bank.  Then , according to many articles, they are returned to the mint for storage until the end of time.

Many banks only ever receive new coins from the mint, such as the recently interrupted presidential series. When asked, my bank did not affirmatively say that I would be able to get rolls of dollar coins from them when they run out of their presidential dollars. Luckily, I believe I have secured a source of rolls of circulated coins from another local bank. These will likely have that nice patina of use instead of being always shiny and new, a plus!

But I really prefer the original Sacagawea dollars as they were minted between AD 2000 and AD 2008. They look like money, not a token. In my opinion removing much of the writing from the face of the coins and inscribing it on the edge was a big mistake. Likewise with the presidential coins, where the letters are so small that I cannot read them without a magnifier!

So, for those who enjoy spending dollar coins, and other odd money such as $2 bills and Eisenhower cartwheels, I’ve designed several shirts on CafePress.  What’s important though is that you SPEND DOLLAR COINS.

It’s Money, Spend It! (dollar coins generally)

Classic Sackies are the Best (sackies shirt)

I Like Ikes (Eisenhower Dollars)

It’s Money Spend it ($2 bills)

Cool as a 2 Dollar Bill

June 25, 2010

Many users of the Dollar Coin use the seldom seen two dollar bill to prevent the necessity of handing over more than a few dollar coins at a time. I myself do not use two dollar bills, or Toms as they are sometimes called because I figure I’m asking for enough Ire using dollar coins.  However, since many cashiers apparently do not realize that two dollar bills are still incirculation, I’ve created a shirt just for users of this not-so-rare bank note.

If you would like to buy a similar shirt, it’s available on CafePress.  Using THIS LINK will save you about $5 over the usual CafePress Marketplace price (that’s two toms and a dollar coin.)

Dollar Coin Shirt

December 26, 2009

I was trying to think of how one could let any prospective cashier know that it’s OK to give dollar coins as change. This could be done by repeatedly saying so at every transaction, but I think it might get tiring and make one sound like a crank.

I’ve come up with an alternative. A way that you only have to look like a crank. I’ve put a design up on CafePress for shirts, magnets, and a few other items sporting the reverse of the Presidential dollar (likely the most likely to be seen over the Sacagawea, since the sackie’s reverse now changes every year.) The words ‘I Accept Dollar Coins as Change’ accompany the image.  You can buy them from my CafePress shop here.

The items will be cheaper buying them from my link above as CafePress charges more if you buy from their ‘Market Place’ I.E. just searching for ‘dollar coin’ for example.

Esperanto, etc.

December 10, 2009

I mentioned that I speak Esperanto. This is most certainly true (Ĉi tio certe veras.)

I’m in a somewhat isolated place for Esperantists. The closest one I’m aware of has never said a word to me in Esperanto, and the next closest once called everyone of my political persuasion a fascist. (something a bit odd for an Esperantist to do.)

So I continue to do as I please. I read my Scripture every morning from my Esperanto Bible, I listen to podcasts from Radioverda, and I talk to my daughter’s pet bird in Esperanto.  Sometimes I sing to him.  He particularly likes verse 2 of ‘Ni plugas la kamparon kaj semas Nia Man‘  (It mentions feeding birds.)

Another long term project I’ve had is the designing of Esperanto themed shirts, etc. on CafePress. I’ve always felt it would be cool to see people walking around with Esperanto message shirts.  I don’t get rich from this effort, but I do get a trickle of cash once in a while.  It’s enough to let me buy one of my own shirts occasionally. I figure the economy might be turning around because this last month I’ve sold at least a shirt a week.  Before that there was a great desert of no sales.

One other project which I’ll put to the fore after the beginning of 2010 is my translation of a book of daily table prayers.  I’ve got it all translated in a notebook. I just need to type it into the computer, do some formatting and put it up for sale.  It’s based on a 100 year old book I found on eBay called ‘Grace Before Meals.’ Most f the prayers were easy to translate. A few I rejected or replaced with others.  I moved a few around, especially if they seemed more appropriate to Lent.  Then I put them in March.

I also once translated a short story of mine from English to Esperanto.  I posted it on my blog at If I were asked, I guess I’d put it up here as well. It’s sort of Star Trekish in it’s premise, and recounts when the Koplushians first found Earth.