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Konfese, Mi Kulpas

December 3, 2014

mere minutes esperanto

I’ve corresponded with Steve Ramsey more than a few times over the last several years. Somewhere in there, several times, I’ve mentioned my inclination towards Esperanto.  He also knows I’ve been blogging about woodworking in the language. Watching Steve’s videos, I always noted that when he’d finish a project with spray lacquer or spray paint that he held the can in his hand. (How else would he do it?)  I’ve used a spray can trigger for some time now and it amazes me how much control it gives you while using it.  It nearly turns a spray can into a paint sprayer.

So like with any celebrity, viewers send Steve gifts.  I bought him two spray can triggers and sent them along to him. They took a little longer to get to him than I’d thought, (darn holiday season!). Then someone sent Steve a sprayer kit.  I thought that must have doomed my modest gift to him. When he finally recieved the triggers, not only did Steve mention them favorably in one of his Mere Minutes videos, but he put the Esperanto word for ‘chess pieces’ (ŝakopecoj) on the video thumbnail!  That’s just too cool! If you want to see the video I’m talking about, you can see it here: [link].

A Rustoleum Spray Grip like the two I sent to Steve Ramsey.

A Rustoleum Spray Grip like the two I sent to Steve Ramsey.


Esperanto: The Aggressor Language

December 1, 2011

The things we spend tax money on…

Esperanto Tomtom Update

May 2, 2011

Well, After creating Havoc at the Lernu Forums for over a week and Asking several Esteemed colleagues their opinions. I’ve finally settled on what I believe to be the best translation of the needed Tomtom voice commands. The biggest bone of contention was how to express the idea of ‘U-Turn’ in Esperanto. Who would have thought such a concept could create so much malpaco?

So I’m now recording my voice speaking each of the commands as required, hoping that the tone of my voice will mesh together with the way the Tomtom puts things together in a sentence. f not, I’ll make corrections. I’ll be making possibly 3 versions of this voice, which I’ll be naming ‘Dachjo‘ The first version will use ‘maldekstren‘ for the purists. The second will use ‘liven‘ for those who in the heat of driving while lost can’t always hear the ‘mal‘ but only catch the ‘dekstren‘. The third version will be more comical (presuming I can think of something funny to do with it.)

An Interesting Project in Esperanto

August 7, 2010

I’ve volunteered to translate the dialog of a movie by Christopher Mihm.  Even though Mr. Mihm contacted a bunch of Esperantists, I’m apparently the only one who’s actively working on the project. There’s a possibility that an audio track of Esperanto will be added to the DVD as well as the subtitles. All I can say is ‘Cool!’

One Tin Soldier in Esperanto

April 29, 2010

Some time ago, I inquired of an Esperanto newsgroup whether anyone had ever translated the song One Tin Soldier by the group Coven. The message of the song seemed to have a very Esperantic tone, that being that war is bad (or at least pretty stupid.)  Within a few days a reply was posted, an Esperantist in Brazil had done a quick, but rather good translation of the song’s lyrics.  I made one tiny change and overall I think the translation (perhaps ‘adaptation’ is a more apt word) is very good.  I would only question if there was a better way to convey what a ‘tin’ soldier is. The second line of the refrain reads a bit awkward to me as well, but that could simply be my ear.

In any case, I wanted to put this out there in the hopes that someday, someone might grab it and record it.


Aŭdu, idoj, la rakonton el tre fora, fora jar’
pri popol’ en iu valo kaj reĝlando sur montar’.
En la montoj trezorego kuŝis en la ter’, sub ŝton’:
la valanoj kune ĵuris kapti ĝin por sia bon’.

Malamegu la najbaron, trompu la amikon plu:
nome de la paradizo vi pravigos ĉion fine, ĉu?
La fina juĝo sin anoncas sen trumpet-sonor’;
unu sola ladsoldato sekvatage rajdos for.

La valanoj ekkontaktis la montanojn per leter’
kun la peto je transdono de l’ trezoro sub la ter’,
sed alvenis la respondo: “Dividiĝu inter ni
la sekret’ sub nia monto, ĉia valoraĵ’ en ĝi”.

Malamegu la najbaron…

“Ek al glavoj, al ĉevaloj!” oni kriis el la val’
kaj mortigis la montanojn por trezora ideal’;
oni kuris al la ŝtono kaj rigardis tuj sub ĝi,
sed aperis nur skribaĵo: “Monda Pac'”, nenio pli.

Malamegu la najbaron…

Merry Christmas to All

December 23, 2009

I’m none too sure I’ll have much to say in the next few days, so I’m wishing you all a Merry Christmas. Enjoy your company and the food.

Our First Cell Phones

December 14, 2009

This fall, we finally made the jump and got cell phones, one each for my wife, myself and our 10 year old daughter. This was because my daughter has gotten to the age where she’s going off places without us with the Girl Scouts, and getting involved with band at school.

It has been said that I was always dead set against having a cell phone.  I think that if you could turn back time, you’d discover that it was more of a ‘we have no NEED for a cell phone, and perhaps a derision on how the owners of cell phones use them to ridiculous extremes. (at 7:45 a.m. in the morning, who are the socker moms talking to as they leave the school parking lot?)

So we now have 3 cell phones in the family.  After some research, for our needs, we decided that Tracfones is the cheapest way to go. They are basically for emergency use, not for chatting up the entire world. My wife and I got identical Moto w3756g phones with ‘double minutes for life’ and my daughter was given a moto w260g. It was cheaper and is good for an emergency-only use phone.  If she loses it, no tears shed.

I use my phone as a reminder more than a phone.  It has a calendar function which I love to use for appointments, plus I don’t need a wrist watch anymore, I’ve got a perpetual calendar and clock wherever I go.  Plus, if I get bored, I have tetris.

Our phones came in very handy while doing our christmas shopping last week.  We split up in the big stores or the mall, and whoever got done and to the car first, texted the other.  In the mall, it kept us from bumping into each other.

Complaints abound about these phones, but to date, I’ve never found a place where I had no service. The best part I like about my phone is that it opens like a classic Star Trek communicator. Very cool.  If I put it on speaker phone, it’s just like Trek.

The Name of this Blog

December 8, 2009

The name for this blog, ‘Koplushian’ goes way back to my days in high school. A friend and I got interested in science fiction and started creating a sort of fictional universe with people, aliens, languages, the whole deal. We actually created a wiki about much of what we’d figured out and created although much of it had evolved since the days we first thought it up. You can see it here:

I chose ‘Koplushian’ because I needed a unique name for the blog and I tend to look at the world through alien eyes. Thinking about it a bit, I really identify more with the bree’hah race in that universe, but it would be harder to write from a non-human perspective.

That Dollar Coin Thing

December 7, 2009

So I mentioned my current fixation with the American dollar coin. I’m not sure what spurred this. It might have been a casual hit on google, or maybe my daughter mentioned something.  I dunno.

I’ve done some research on this and noticed a few things. A bunch of folks say that it’s too small and can be easily confused with a quarter. A bunch say it’s too heavy. A bunch say it’s ugly. A bunch say it’s too light. This is not to mention the bunch who believe emails and still think that ‘In God We Trust’  doesn’t appear on the coin.

I’ve been carrying around at least 5-10  of these for over a month.  Yes I spend them, and then I buy a few more off my neighbor. They are not too heavy.  One dollar coin weighs less than 4 quarters put together. Many soda machines take them. The only one I’ve found which will not take the coin is a Coke ™ machine outside our Walmart.  I’ve used them at the self check out at Weis and Lowes and I’ve successfully handed them to cashiers at Walmart and our Dollar Tree store. I try not to test the cashiers during their busy times.

No one seems to mention that our dollar coin is almost exactly the same size as the Canadien dollar, the Loonie. I think the size is off by like .o1 mm or something.  Canada has no complaints that I’ve heard. They even have a 2 dollar coin, the twoonie. The secret is that in Canada, the bill form of their dollars was discontinued soon after the coin was introduced.

I can hold a dollar coin in my hand and I can feel that it’s bigger than a quarter. You get used to it. I intend getting these from the bank or my friend and using them when appropriate. I’ll also let my cashier know that it’s OK to give me coins for change, in case they have some stashed away with no where to go.

A bit of an introduction

December 7, 2009

I’ve been blogging occasionally at the Esperanto-USA site, but sometimes I feel like writing about something that won’t exactly fit in the Esperanto world.

I’m an Esperantist, that is I speak Esperanto, which is the most successful of the languages created for international communication. I’ve been trying to get other Esperatists in New Jersey together occasionally. I also started a wiki project for an English-Esperanto Dictionary, and I design Esperanto themed products at Cafe Press under ‘esprimoj’. Other projects you’ll hear about later.

I’m a model railroader. I model the Sussex Branch of the Lackawanna railroad in HO scale. I also participate yearly in my railroad clubs show which occurs on the first Sunday in May every year. I have 3 modules at the show: a double module of Franklin, one of Andover and one of Sparta.

I’m a railroad historian.  I’ve been reseraching the history of the Lackawanna’s Sussex Branch for over ten years now.  I have a book coming out next year focusing on what I’ve found about the stations on the Sussex Branch.

I’m a husband and the father of a wonderful 10 year old daughter.

Once in a while I get on a hobby horse about something. At the moment my hobby horse is the American dollar coin.  I like it. I think it’s useful.  I do think the promotion of it is half-assed at best. My favorite version of it is the Sacagawea dollar that came out in 2000. My daughter traded me one of hers that was pretty oxidized. After a week in my pocket it got this really neat patina about it. It’s also still got the ‘E Pluribus Unum’ and ‘In God We Trust’ on the face.  It just looks more like a coin than the later sackies or even the new dollar coins with all the presidents on them.