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Automobile Tailpipes

January 4, 2010

Has anyone ever come to the conclusion that cars are not designed with convenience or efficiency in mind? All automobiles have tailpipes which spew unbreathable exhaust in the outward direction. It might seem, or apparently is an industry standard, to have the exhaust pipe face outward out the rear of the car. Unfortunately in bumper to bumper traffic or at stop lights this causes the fumes to spew out into the intake vents of the car behind, thus filling the car behind with exhaust, unless the venting system is in the ‘closed’ position.

Some of these cars have the exhaust pipe on the curb side and some on the ‘street’ side (it was almost even according to a quick survey I took through Google Images.)

I’m wondering if there isn’t some reason the exhaust pipes on all or many autos couldn’t be aimed out the side of the car in the back on the street side.  This would also eliminate the joyousness of standing on the curb as a pedestrian and having an automobile exhaust pipe spew smoke at you.

Just a thought.