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Why Accuse Esperanto?

May 29, 2012

I’ve decided to occasionally feature one of my best Esperanto shirt designs.  ‘Best’ means that I like it. In English this shirt’s meaning would be ‘I never forget the accusative.’ It refers to a common error made by unpracticed speakers of Esperanto. The shirt sports a large ‘N’ because that letter marks the accusative in the language. It also features a missing ‘N’ along with the needed correction on the last word of the shirt. I meant it as a numerous poke at ourselves.

If you wanted to purchase this shirt, it’s available via CafePress here.


Esperanto Shirts: an Economic Indicator, or Just in Season?

August 12, 2011

I believe I previously mentioned that I design shirts with Esperanto words/slogans on them and offer them for sale through Cafepress. Several years ago I was selling enough that I got a trickle of cash, then a long dry spell.  Now they’re selling again, at a trickle, but for something that just sits there until noticed, I don’t mind. I’m wondering if it in any way reflects on the economy. Just before the last presidential election, it seemed that I was suddenly getting more orders from other countries.  Now I’m back to stronger domestic sales.

The shirt above  is one of my recent favorites and I find myself wearing it more than my several others.

If you want to find my shirts on CafePress, here’s a secret to save a few dollars.  CafePress has two places to find their shirts: a ‘Marketplace’ which charges their premium prices,and the individual shops which are ruled only by the owner’s markup. Unfortunately, the shops can only be reached through a direct link, not through the marketplace.

So, first you go to CafePress and search for the word esprimoj. If you find a design you like, send the URL of the shirt to me at I will then send you a URL from my individual shirt shop instead of the Marketplace at CafePress. This generally saves you about 2 dollars.

In my shops I generally mark my shirts up about $2.  In the marketplace I receive 10% of the CafePress selling price which with the recent price hike, is a little more than $2.  Either way I come out OK, but contacting me saves you a few dollars.

Esprimoj – Expressions Esperantic

December 21, 2009

Many moons ago, say in 1989 I began a project in an attempt to fill a perceived niche in Esperantujo. I bought one of those Badge -A-Minit kits and created a few button designs at work. I was working at a printer at the time and during my lunch hour I would use the old letterpress equipment to print a few ‘clever’ designs. The one I personally liked the best was my ‘Ni Estu Amikoj’ button.

I did manage to sell a few by contacting a few of the regional’ Esperanto groups in the US with my ‘catalog’, an 8.5 x 14 inch sheet of paper with the text of my designs on it. I also convinced my artist friend to create a T-shirt design which to this day is available from Esperanto USA.

So my button business petered out in the late 1990’s. Than about 2 years ago, I decided to check out this CafePress place I’d heard about. You only have to do the design work and assign products on which to place it. Cool. I designed a bunch of ideas and put them on shirts and buttons and anything else I could think of. I started up an Esprimoj website to try and get the word out. It’s working. I cannot claim to be getting rich, but I do get a trickle of orders, (which CafePress fills, ships, and bills,) and I collect a small commission. My favorite design is my ‘Eat, Sleep, Speak‘ design because it isn’t so very obvious.

One thing I find interesting is that lately I’ve been getting orders, whereas for about 6 months before I got nary a one. I cannot say, but I’m wondering if this is because of the Christmas season or because of some kind of upturn in the economy. Some of the orders have been from other countries, so I dunno. In any case, I guarantee my commission goes to a worthy cause. I’ve been known to use my ‘Cafe Cash’ to buy shirts for my daughter. What’s building up now I’m saving to buy a proof of my upcoming railroad book: Remember the Sussex Branch. In case anyone’s interested I do have a book of six short stories available as well.