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A Jar of Coins

January 8, 2010

For whatever reason we had this mason jar half full of ‘weird’ coins on our dresser.  It was there for years. I’m not sure how it got started or even where many of the coins came from in the first place.

Last night I decided to go through this jar of coins and sort it out. I spread them out on the kitchen table and started looking them over with my magnifying glass. A bunch of them were wheat-back cents, a very few were strictly normal money.  I found a few bridge tokens and one commemorative ‘Sears’ coin. I found a few from Britain, Germany, and Japan. I even found at least one each from Isreal, Saudi Arabia, and Luxemburg. I have no idea where we got these, but in all I must have found one from 15 countries.

I’ve placed them in envelopes and put them with my other odd coins. Now the jar is empty. Maybe they’ll be worth something when my daughter is old and gray.