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It’s Easier to Sing in Esperanto

September 14, 2011

For the Observance of 9-11, our pastor asked my wife if a certain hymn could be sung during offertory.  The hymn was written specifically to commemorate the first anniversary of 9-11 in 2002.  As it was based on one of my favorite books of the Bible, that being Ecclesiastes, I asked my wife if I could do the solo.

We had about 2 weeks to practice the hymn. Previously I had sung solos in Esperanto, which is phonetic and is pronounced as spelled.  No problem there.  But an English hymn is not sung as it s written, at least not when done correctly. I had to learn to suppress or omit my Rs and pronounce certain other words certain ways.  I had a printout of the words, and I marked it up in ways meaningful only to me. I also had to concentrate on not going too fast, as it is a mournful hymn.

In the end we succeeded, hymn, 762, in the Lutheran Service Book came out sounding great, thanks to my speech coach.