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Translating the Next Mihmiverse Film

September 17, 2014

dj_teaseThe translation of the next film by Christopher Mihm is in progress.  I’ve finished translating my assigned scenes and I must say, if the last film was full of “Ne, ne, neeeee!” then this one is full of “Mi ne scias.

This will be the 5th film that is to have a voice dub and subtitles in Esperanto and I’ve enjoyed helping with each one. To me, doing these translations is akin to doing a crossword puzzle.  We are constrained with keeping the basic meaning of the lines and limiting the length according to the syllables in the English version.  Otherwise the ‘Godzilla Effect’ occurs where the voice and lips do not match up at all.

One of the new challenges for this film is the large number of children’s parts for which young Esperanto speakers, or Esperantists with young voices will be needed.  I’ve even volunteered my daughter for small role. (Actually, I asked her and she agreed.)

So get ready world! Another Esperanto dubbed film is on the way!

Howard will have a New Jersey Accent in Esperanto

February 21, 2013

giant-spider01I was honored to be asked to voice the hero in Christopher Mihm’s lasted movie, The Giant Spider. I, of course am voicing the Esperanto version of the hero, Howard.  Since I’m born and bred here in New Jersey, I cannot help but have a New Jersey accent in my Esperanto speaking.  Hopefully it won’t be too obvious.

At this point the Esperanto translation has been completed, mulled over a bit and finalized.  My character has over 150 lines, so I got an earlier start than my samprojektanoj.  My Esperanto task-master, George Baker occasionally asks that I redo a few lines because I didn’t quite get the essence of how they should be spoken.  That is that because I need to mimic the tone of the English, I sometimes get it not quite right.

Still, this is a fun process from which I’m sure to reap benefits:  translating, English into Esperanto, B-Movie style English, can be challenging, plus the idea that our word choices cannot be too obscure else we lose the listening audience of avid Esperantists around the world.  Having spoken almost all my lines, I’ve found that reading the lines out loud after translating would be a good idea.  I’ve found a few wicked tongue twisters for which I might have chosen alternate words. I’ll have to bring that up next year, presuming Mr. Mihm continues making bi-lingual films.

The movie comes out in May and even if you don’t know Esperanto, the English version is great viewing and fun as well.

Next Mihm Movie to have Esperanto Translation–Again!

December 16, 2012

giant_spiderI got a very nice and appropriate surprise yesterday, December 15 which is also (among Esperantists) the birthday of Dr. Zamenhof, the creator of Esperanto. In my email I got a request from George Baker, my Tradukestro to help translate and have a voice role in Christopher Mihm’s next movie, The Giant Spider.

I was very glad to get this news as I had thought we (the esperantists) were being passed over on this film.  For Mr. Mihm’s last one, House of Ghosts we were on the job over the summer.  When nothing was said of our involvement this year, I felt, OK we’re out this time.

Chris Mihm evidently likes getting orders from all over the world from Esperanto fan everywhere.  I’m sure this translation will be of the great quality as the House of Ghosts.  Well, George is cracking the whip, so I better dig out my dictionaries…

New Mihm Movie has Esperanto Voice Track

June 2, 2012

Christopher Mihm’s new movie, House of Ghosts has just come out and has an Esperanto voice track as well as subtitles. This is the second Mihmiverse movie to include Esperanto, the first being Attack of the Moon Zombies.

Even though I was on the translation team for this movie, as well as a voice actor, I was thrilled to hear the good quality of the Esperanto voice track in this film. The translation is also of better quality due to our having our anasoj  in a row.  For this film, we were told to match the syllable count of the English as closely as possible to avoid the Japanese affliction of dialog continuing way after the lips stopping.

this necessitated a little creative translating on our part.  We couldn’t just translate the lines word for word. We had to  capture the essence of the line and find a way to put it in Esperanto. Sometimes this wasn’t so easy, but I think we did a great job in the end.

Mr. Mihm has himself started learning Esperanto, so it’s very possible this tradition of Esperanto dubs for his films will continue.  If you’d be interested in joining our team of translators or voice actors contact me at and I’ll pass your name to our team leader.

If you’re interested in securing a copy of this movie, drop by

Zombies Marching Along

September 29, 2010

The team of which I am a part is now proofreading our translation into Esperanto of Attack of the Moon Zombies, an upcoming movie by Christopher Mihm. In going over the script which is in English and Esperanto, it’s interesting to see how the team has tried to conquer some of the speech mannerisms of the characters.  Aside from spotting and correcting a few grammatical errors, or just plain typos, I always admire the cleverness that a translator may use to convey an English idiom. Esperanto is such a cool language to work in and I wish I were much better in it.

After the team goes over it, I believe someone to date uninvolved will go over it to check our Esperanto usage. I wish that person luck. I’m sure even experts run into stumbling blocks, or as the Esperantists say, falpuŝigoj.

Atako de la Lunaj Zombioj

August 18, 2010

I’m no longer alone on the translation project.  I’ve joined a small team who are working on the translation of the dialog of the coming Mihm Movie Attack of the Moon Zombies. This will make my work load a lot lighter as I should only need to translate a quarter of the script into Esperanto.

For me this is an enjoyable exercise.  In the evenings, I sit in my chair with a notebook, the printed script and all my dictionaries. It’s on the scale of a crossword puzzle for me, trying to decipher how to express English idioms in Esperanto while trying to preserve the ‘joke’ ness of it. This project has also decided me to order the newer version of my favorite dictionary. I’m hoping this will help me avoid having to consult my big green Benson as often.

I find working off the computer this way somewhat relaxing. The person in charge of this project sent me a spreadsheet with the 1st 50 lines to be translated.  I’m way past that point, so I just filled them in from my notebook. I caught a few errors while doing this. Now I’ve printed out my translation from the spreadsheet and am reading through it to double check for typos and outright errors.

Hopefully the sound dub will make it into the film and hopefully Mr. Mihm will  to find able speakers of the language for the dub.  I don’t know how many Esperanto speakers there are in Minnesota. The Esperanto League for North America shows 10 members in that state, but there may be more ‘stealth’ Esperantists there.

One hopes.

An Interesting Project in Esperanto

August 7, 2010

I’ve volunteered to translate the dialog of a movie by Christopher Mihm.  Even though Mr. Mihm contacted a bunch of Esperantists, I’m apparently the only one who’s actively working on the project. There’s a possibility that an audio track of Esperanto will be added to the DVD as well as the subtitles. All I can say is ‘Cool!’