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February 19, 2010

An LBP is anything which in reality isn’t very efficient, useful, or sensible, but which probably looked like a great idea on the drawing board, I.E. on paper. LBP is my abbreviation for ‘Looked Better on Paper’ and I attribute it to anything which just doesn’t work like someone might have expected.

The one that occurred to me this morning is the new, modernized Monopoly game where all the prices and money are corrected for inflation. All the properties are changed too, being the result of polling the public. The part about it that just doesn’t work for me is all the added zeroes to the money.  Just try doing subtraction in the millions of dollars to make change on the fly!

I like Monopoly, even the special ones that my daughter has, such as My Little Pet Shops, but the new modernized one is a big LBP.