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Haveno is Reborn

September 27, 2012

A few years ago a friend of mine started up a ‘shared setting collaboration’ wiki project called Argent Lake.  We had so much fun adding to it that I set up something similar, but completely in Esperanto. After a while spammers took hold and just filled the place up with nonsense. I couldn’t even keep up with deleting all the pages they created. I could protect the existing pages, causing anyone who wanted to contribute to apply to be a sysop, but the spam raged on.  Finally, in disgust I just deleted all of my pages and abandoned it.

Recently I decided to try it again, so I undeleted all of my pages.  The spam pages had been graciously removed during its dormancy.

So if there are any Esperantists out there who would like to try their hand at shaping a fictional world, just come to Haveno.

The rules are right there and not that hard to comply with once you get the hang of working with a wiki in Esperanto.

Esperanto Bible Reading Project

January 31, 2011

It’s come to my attention that someone has begun a cooperative project to read the entire Bible in Esperanto and post the sound files on Audioboo.  The Someone is Ken Caviness and he has made a start and an example for fellow collaborators beginning with the book of Galatians and now has begun the Gospel of Saint John. When all is read and done, his plan is to gather the files all together as an audible Esperanto Bible. A cool idea, and something even the Klingons do not have.

If you want to help, check out this file on Ken’s Audioboo account:

Here is what he briefly says in a comment to the file:

If you want to join me in this project to create audio clips for the Bible in the planned language Esperanto, please follow the format of recording paragraph by paragraph from the online Bible at and save the clips with names formatted in this way: BookNumber EsperantoBookName ChapterNumber.StartingVerse-EndingVerse 

Since Galatians is the 48th book of the Bible, these clips start with “48 Galatoj ….”

Oh, and post a comment here telling us your audioBoo account name so I can follow all participants and collect the audiofiles for later compilation.

Thanks for your help!

Other Worlds

April 9, 2010

My friend, who celebrates his birthday this day, created an interesting wiki project a while ago. It’s a shared fictional community called Argent Lake. It’s a fun project and one in which I’ve participated. I found it interesting enough that I even started a similar project in Esperanto. I call it Haveno. My project hasn’t yet attracted a fellow contributor. One fellow did give it a try, but he didn’t understand that it’s not so much a story as it is a ‘history’ of a fictional setting. Even I haven’t had time to add to it recently.

The Mythical IKEA

December 29, 2009

Yesterday we journeyed away to find the mythical IKEA store in Paramus, NJ. I say ‘mythical’ because we had often heard of this furniture store, but had never gone there. Well, a few years ago, when we re-did our kitchen, we no longer had room for the grand, bulky, pine dining room table which previously occupied a large portion of our room. After the kitchen re-do was done, we ate from a card table ‘until we got a new table that would fit better’.

Well, I got tired of the flimsy card table and built a perfect sized kitchen table using a few donated pieces of wood from a friend and some purchased wood from Lowes. The bill came to about $50. This table came out so nice that my wife decided that we should just keep it and get chairs to match.

Well, the chairs got put off and put off. We were eating off of one folding chair and two cast off wooden chairs that my aunt found along the road. The wooden chairs were getting ricketier by the month and I had to repair them several times.

So finally, we decided to go buy chairs for the table. We were assured that you just go down 208 to 4 and there’s signs that ‘you can’t miss’. We missed the signs and ended up at the verge of crossing the GWB. We stopped for directions, turned around and arrived at IKEA.

They had the chairs we wanted, but they also sold them as a set with a matching table. The price was right, so we got the table too. It all comes in one box, a bit smaller than the flat paper cartons I used to lug around as a printer.

Before we left, we had something to eat. No, we didn’t partake of the Swedish meatball, served in the food court at the store. Instead, I had a cinnamon roll (delicious, but would be better with melted margharine,) and my wife and daughter had hot dogs.

On the way to the door, I spotted a soda machine and snack machine. I went over to discover it sold Gatorade, my favorite. I dug out my pouch of dollar coins and they clunked right in. A few button pushes later, my drink was in my hand. I offered to buy something for my family. My wife asked for some trail mix in the snack machine. The dollar coins worked there too! Much easir than feeding a crinkled dollar bill into these monsters.

So, when we got home, I took a look at the project of putting the table and chairs together. The instructions have no words, just pictograms. Now there‘s a way to avoid language problems!

I had the whole set together within an hour! Nice. My home fashioned table now resides in our family room where it will be used for scrap-booking. Previously our folding table was used for this purpose.