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Ghostly Film with Esperanto Dub is in the Works

August 11, 2011

Christopher Mihm’s next film is now in pre-production. His last film Attack of the Moon Zombies, included an Esperanto soundtrack recorded by volunteer Esperantists across the U.S.  This coming production will also have an Esperanto Dub track and I have been asked to be on the team of Translators. Hura! The quality of this translation and dub should be of even better quality than the last because we’re already more organized.  The last project we admittedly just dove right into. If you’re at least adequate in Esperanto and want to help, I can put you in touch with our project leader, George Baker.

Zombies Marching Along

September 29, 2010

The team of which I am a part is now proofreading our translation into Esperanto of Attack of the Moon Zombies, an upcoming movie by Christopher Mihm. In going over the script which is in English and Esperanto, it’s interesting to see how the team has tried to conquer some of the speech mannerisms of the characters.  Aside from spotting and correcting a few grammatical errors, or just plain typos, I always admire the cleverness that a translator may use to convey an English idiom. Esperanto is such a cool language to work in and I wish I were much better in it.

After the team goes over it, I believe someone to date uninvolved will go over it to check our Esperanto usage. I wish that person luck. I’m sure even experts run into stumbling blocks, or as the Esperantists say, falpuŝigoj.

An Interesting Project in Esperanto

August 7, 2010

I’ve volunteered to translate the dialog of a movie by Christopher Mihm.  Even though Mr. Mihm contacted a bunch of Esperantists, I’m apparently the only one who’s actively working on the project. There’s a possibility that an audio track of Esperanto will be added to the DVD as well as the subtitles. All I can say is ‘Cool!’