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Mountain Dulcimer

October 27, 2011

[Nun legebla en Esperanto]

Today I finished the dulcimer I made for my wife’s Christmas present. I finally bought the strings, put them on, tuned them up.  The dang thing works and sounds good! Not bad for stone knives and bear skins. The sound box is fashioned from nonconformist pine.  The fingerboard from a stick of oak which I took from an old pallet. The bridge and nut are from the spine of a hard rubber comb. The tuning head is that of a guitar and the frets are banjo frets, both of which I bought. The case in the background was also fashioned by me and sports brass corner and clasp hardware. I’m sure this will give my wife pleasure to play at home and at school for the kids.  I wonder if I could convince her to play it in church…

Mountain Dulcimer

My home made mountain dulcimer which is to be a Christmas gift to my wife.