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Ram’s horn soundpost setter

January 27, 2018

I was looking around for pictures of violin soundpost setters when I found one on eBay with a ram’s horn hook on one end (my term).

Its uniqueness attracted me, so I went down to my workshop, grabbed a length of 1/4 inch brass strip. I split one end with a hack saw and cold chisel and shaped the ram’s horns with taps of a ball peen hammer. After I got that end to look satisfactory, I used files, my belt and disc sander, and a brass wire wheel to shape and polish the instrument. I actually had to use it today on a 1/2 size violin and it worked like a champ. (more…)

Smaller soundpost setter

January 27, 2018

I already own two violin size sound post setting tools which I purchased online. The other day I was setting a sound post in a less than full size instrument and I got the feeling I was stretching the limits of the tool. I got the post set successfully, but it entered my mind that a smaller tool might be handy for if I should have to work on a 1/4 size violin or smaller someday. (more…)

DIY Violin and cello neck clamps

January 27, 2018

I’m going to post a few items here pertaining to my new craft as an orchestral repair technician. These posts previously lived on my LumberJocks blog. You can see the entire kit and kaboodle here [link] if you wish.

There are at least two instruments in the shop that need necks reattached. I was shown how to do this when the entire neck is detached, but two cellos are broken at the joint and the method shown me might not work so well. Google to the rescue! I found photos of commercially available models, selling for multiple tens of dollars, and decided I could make my own. (more…)